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How to browse this website, watch videos streamers, download files and videos

Some visitors, using Internet Explorer 7 or 8 (IE), encounter problems with opening or downloading the video streamers on this site. We are sorry to say that Microsoft's browsers are outdated in many ways and poorly supported. Some new web standards are not (yet) supported by IE.

Although some PC and Window users have no problems with Interenet Explorer, we recommend to use Firefox 3 (or later) by Mozilla, not only for this site, but for all sites you visit.

We suggest you:
1. To download the latest version of QuickTime here >

2. To download Firefox 3 (or later) >
The Mozilla server automatically detects the language and the system you are working in (e.g. Windows in English or Mac in your language). Downloading and installing is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Mac (Apple) users may download Mozilla Firefox at

The new Google Chrome is a good alternative for both Windows and Mac platforms.

The Safari 4 browser by Apple installed on every Mac will do all what is needed, so Firefox, Camino or Google Chrome is not really needed on the Mac.

In Firefox 2 or 3 QuickTime videos (.mov extension) will immediately start streaming. If you click on the mp4 file (.m4v extension), Firefox will ask you if you want to download the file (so you can keep it on your hard-disk) or if you want to see the video streamer in a given program of your choice. Via a pop-up window you are requested to select the program (software)-file that is installed on your computer (possibilities are numerous: iTunes, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Media Player (Microsoft), DivX, etc). Downloading might be the easiest option, in case you wants to keep the video for later use.

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